what do we do?

All our activities have one goal: the best for Hilversum. To use our current potential as well as possible and attract new talent. Because more economic vitality benefits our stakeholders – from residents and entrepreneurs to visitors.

This requires optimum positioning as a city of media, architecture and nature. The result: an even stronger brand and more business and tourist visitors, who stay longer, return more often and spend more. Better visibility of the unique media sector. More efficient cooperation and more involvement of all parties.

That is why we are working on positioning and marketing with our partners. We improve what’s already there. We map out what needs to be done. We create opportunities and added value by bringing expertise together. With visitor sites, for example. With projects that enhance the image as a media city. With events and activities in the city. With campaigns and network meetings. And with research into visitors, lifestyle and the future of the city.

“The essence of Hilversum Marketing is that the possibilities of Hilversum are optimised by bringing parties together and stimulating mutual collaboration. In this way, inspiring initiatives can get off the ground. And we put Hilversum firmly on the map."

Jeroen Kreijkamp, directeur Hilversum Marketing

Below you will find some examples of our activities.