summer in the city

Many residents (and others living nearby) are going on vacation in their own city this year. We want to offer them amusement (entertainment, culture) in Hilversum during this pandemic. We do this at a distance of 1.5 meters (unless they are younger than 18) and on a small scale to prevent overcrowding public space. Hilversum Marketing, together with its partners, (the municipality, Stadsfonds, Stichting Centrum and Winkeliersvereniging De Gijsbrecht), is organizing various activities this summer for people living in the region with the aim of bringing people, as well as culture, back to the city.

It is important to not only organize activities at already crowded places and busy moments, but above all spread them out. With the Summer in the City campaign, Hilversum Marketing provides a framework of the complete range of different activities in the city during this summer.


The “Summer in the City” campaign focuses on the summer months and various initiatives and activities in Hilversum. These activities include pre-existing walks, cycling routes, suggestions for outings with the kids, cultural activities, etc. Along with the current summer programs, additional activities are being added in the city, neighborhoods and districts. Resources: the website, outdoor: a 9-week campaign in the A0 signs, animations on the city screens, social media, a Summer in the UITagenda (special edition), A2 posters distributed throughout the city, advertisements, PR. To create extra buzz, we also made use of “the traveling postcard”.

When (duration)

2020: July 1 to September 6.


Municipality of Hilversum, Stadsfonds, Stichting Centrum, Winkeliersvereniging De Gijsbrecht