media mile

Interactive Media-walking route

Hilversum is the media city of the Netherlands. At the start of 2018, the municipality of Hilversum created the Media Mile. The goal was to make media more visible throughout the city, as well as connect the Media Park with the city center. The Media Mile is a walking route that takes you from the central station to Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid) on the Media Park (or the other way around). This is made possible through a web application or a physical map. You can follow the route by searching for bright yellow sidewalk tiles and ‘media columns’. You’ll walk by media hotspots in Hilversum and hear interesting stories about the Dutch media history. Via the interactive Media Mile app ( you will be guided through the route and your question about the highlights of the Dutch media history will be answered.

Update 2019

At the end of 2019, Hilversum Marketing activates the adjusted Media Mile. The rich media history of Hilversum is central in the Media Mile and, in partnership with multiple historians, the storyline along the route has been changed. Along the route there are four big media columns. These are filled with multiple objects from the media history of Hilversum. These columns are refurbished and have themes; morse, radio, TV, and PC. The mechanisms of the app remain the same, there is still a chatbot function and the target audience remains the same. To be able to walk the route without an app, the paper version of the Media Mile is now available. Which is available in the VVV en the public counter in Sound and Vision.


Municipality of Hilversum

Beeld en Geluid