the Hilversum brand

A strong and recognisable brand is needed to put yourself firmly on the map. What is Hilversum’s story, what is our identity and how do we distinguish ourselves from other cities?

Hilversum brand story

Hilversum is the media city of the Netherlands. This is the place where Dutch broadcasting history began. And where we continue to build the future of entertainment. The latest news, the best sites and games, they are all invented here. And produced. And broadcast. Hilversum is a city of makers. Set builders, architects, designers, web builders, podcasters, show masters and entrepreneurs. Pushing those limits. We are internationally known for that. Hilversum is a city of surprises in the middle of the natural beauty of Het Gooi. With concept stores and artisan bakers, world-famous museums and architectural delights. This is a city that lives. Hilversum is Live.