de Kwekerij (city park)

The concept

De Kwekerij Hilversum is a green and lively new park in the center of Hilversum where people can meet each other, get a cup of coffee, play a game of jeu de boules, or sit on a bench in the sun waiting for their train. De Kwekerij offers space to try new initiatives, pioneer, make new relations, and share knowledge. The central themes are meeting, recreation, motion, and culture. 

There are three local entrepreneurs located in De Kwekerij: coffee bar Stek, Bar des Boules, and the sustainable concept store Lokaal Hilversum. Vegetables, herbs, and flowers are growing here and it’s an area where events take place. For example, bootcamps, movie night, a jeu de boules tournament, and workshops about sustainability. 

The ambition

De Kwekerij is a temporary place and a part of the trainstation area of Hilversum, it will stay for at least 2.5 years. The municipality of Hilversum works on the redevelopment of the trainstation area. Anticipatory to the new completion, there was a need to make the area inviting to stay in. Hilversum asked Hilversum Marketing to create a lively area for citizens and visitors that matches the positioning of Hilversum with space for programming and entrepreneurship.

People make a place lively. With this in mind, Hilversum Marketing consulted various stakeholders about what they wanted to see on the Stationsplein before starting with planning. With this input, they have created ‘De Kwekerij’, together with landscape architect Karres en Brands. It was built by Triomf and since April 2020, De Kwekerij has been accessible to the public.

Flexible setup for programming

De Kwekerij is accessible from different sides and therefore linked to the environment. The location is surrounded with infrastructure, but because of the placement of clear markings around the sides there is shadow and a secure resting area. The most remarkable part of De Kwekerij is the wooden ‘grid’, a new icon for Hilversum. This frame is 44 metres long, 8 metres high, and 4 metres deep. It causes concealment on the grass, as well as a spatial framework where entrepreneurs can place their flexible units. The grid can also be used for different sorts of programming, for example putting up a screen, adding play facilities, and light effects. On the station side of the lawn, there is a spacious jeu de boules- and sitting area with free seats and greenery. In the middle of the location there is a lawn for multiple types of programming. For instance sport activities, markets, or beanbags. These small events, together with the entrepreneurs, make De Kwekerij an interesting place for visitors and residents of Hilversum.

Flexible and sustainable

De Kwekerij is a temporary park with a flexible and sustainable character. Everything ‘built’ has to be portable, reusable, and/or made from as many recycled products as possible. The wooden grid can be taken apart and moved and is made out of 100% Dutch wood. The benches are made out of old industrial oak bars and the seed trays that are used are made out of old pallets. Moreover, a great variety of greenery grows and flourishes in the seed trays. Lastly, the trees no longer needed in the city are planted in De Kwekerij.

More information

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