our partners

As a network organisation, we work intensively with our partners in the city. Structurally, with our strategic partners, but also incidentally. There are plenty of options. This includes Hilversum’s hospitality industry, sports organisations, education, shopkeepers, large companies, media organisations. We can help with promotion, marketing and communication in all sorts of ways: whether it is about content, branding, folders or complete partner packages. For our partners, different advertising options are linked to these different forms of collaboration, depending on the requirements.

"Together with Hilversum Marketing, we are working on an attractive centre for Hilversum entrepreneurs - from culture, hospitality to the retail trade industry. In this way, we contribute financially to the visitor dashboard. This provides clear insight into the number of visitors, where they come from and how long they stay here.

We also participate in the website and the UITagenda to promote the centre even better, because that is a unique 'product'. Not only because of the varied range of shops, events, restaurants and bars, but also because of the distinctive element of the media city - the story factory, if you like."

Kjeld Vosjan, Centre Hilversum Foundation

"Cooperation with Hilversum Marketing is valuable to us for several reasons. We programme both beginning local and established international acts in our two rooms. This attracts around 65,000 visitors a year.


Music connects, creates a stir and therefore has great economic value for the environment. In this way, we contribute to the image of Hilversum. Hilversum Marketing helps with local promotion, works across sectors and can therefore help us with, for example, combination deals for tickets, dinners and overnight stays. This is how we strengthen one another.


We are also organising more and more events in co-ownership: De Vorstin in terms of content and Hilversum Marketing as facilitator, promoter and for connections to the city. That is a pleasant way of working, with short lines of communication and the ability to adapt."

Wilco Witte, director of the Vorstin music venue