our team

We work with a professional team on the optimal positioning of Hilversum. Fast, effective and with short lines of communication to our partners and our network. Informal and modern. You will find us at Stationsplein, where we share our office with the Hilversum Tourist Office (VVV). Come and visit us – the coffee is ready!

Jeroen Kreijkamp

Carlijn Bolt

marketing communications manager

Mariëlle de Kloet

Thessa Meershoek

Karin Latuheru

Karin Latuheru

information officer tourist office (VVV)


Pola Zijlstra

campaign manager a.i.

Michelle Berkenbosch

marketing communication advisor

Inge Koster

information officer tourist office (VVV)


Four times a year, an administrative consultation takes place between Hilversum Marketing and the alderman for Economic Affairs of Hilversum.  The quality of the collaboration, the annual plan and relevant developments are the focus of this consultation.

Regulatory Council

The Management Board and the Regulatory Council use the Cultural Governance Code to implement good governance, adequate supervision and transparent accountability. The Regulatory Council meets four times a year.

Peter Driessen (chairman)
Age Fluitman
Sylvia Karres
William Schoonderbeek
Kim van Kampen