station square

The station area of ​​Hilversum will be completely overhauled in the coming years. However, the former GAK location will not be used until at least 2021. A large empty space next to the bus station for the next two to four years is undesirable. It is our wish is to create a lively, attractive and safe place with a temporary layout of this location.

Part of the space is intended for temporary bicycle storage. The temporary parking offers space for around 600 bicycles and 50 scooters. The other part, the main part of the GAK location, the area around Hilversum Marketing and the lawn are available for creative interpretation.

Hilversum Marketing is working on the project on behalf of the municipality and is involved in collecting and bringing together ideas from various parties, residents and entrepreneurs from the city in order to present a plan that is feasible, offers liveliness to this unique area and contributes to Hilversum’s position.

If you have ideas for the temporary layout of the station square, please contact us via